Who is Jeremy?

Jeremy was born in Nocton in Lincolnshire, where his Dad was stationed in the RAF as a Vulcan pilot – he is proud to be a true yellowbelly!

He lived in Waddington (near Lincoln) and then in Woodhall Spa (near Horncastle in mid-Lincolnshire) until the age of 13. His family then moved over to Manchester when his Dad left the RAF to become a commercial airline pilot working for Britannia Airways, and Jeremy attended The Manchester Grammar School.

Jeremy knew that he wanted to work in radio from a very young age. He got his first true taste for radio when he was 11. He wrote to BBC TV’s “Jim’ll Fix It” programme, but his letter never made it to the programme’s production office. Instead, it somehow ended up in the mailbag of the BBC’s Network Radio Editor David Hatch who thought it was a great idea and put the wheels in motion.

Jimmy Saville fixed it for him to become a national radio presenter for the day, and Jeremy hijacked Gloria Hunniford’s programme on BBC Radio 2. He loved the experience – after all, how many eleven year olds get to present their own show on national radio?

Jeremy went on to work at some of the best radio stations in the country including Signal Radio, KFM, Lincs FM, Radio Aire, Magic 828, Pennine Radio, The Pulse of West Yorkshire, BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio Devon, BBC Radio Cornwall, BBC Radio Sheffield, BBC Radio Humberside, BBC Radio York and BBC Radio 4.

Some fifteen years later, Jeremy ended up interviewing Gloria Hunniford on his afternoon show on BBC Radio Humberside! Twenty five years after the television appearance, Jeremy met Jimmy Saville at a North Yorkshire Police function in Selby Abbey. “He hadn’t changed one bit”, commented Jeremy afterwards.

Jeremy went to University in Leeds and has a degree in Media and French. As part of his degree, he studied at Angers University in the Loire Valley in France. He also spent a year as an English teacher in the foothills of the Pyrenees (where he learnt to ski for free!).

Jeremy enjoys gym, swimming, skiing, music and scuba diving in his spare time. He lives with his wife Sharon, daughter Molly and son Thomas in Cawood in North Yorkshire. He’s vice chair of the School Governors at Cawood Primary School, and was previously also a Parish Councillor.

With his Dad working as an airline pilot, Jeremy was really bitten by the travel bug from an early age. He loves to travel, especially by plane. He also loves spotting a good bargain travel offer – Sharon is constantly telling him off for booking things “because it was a great offer”! His favourite place in the whole world is somewhere where there’s a sunbed on a beach and crystal clear deep water to go exploring – anywhere warm in fact!